Jerky Subscription

Why Small Jerky Companies Rule

JerkySubscription works with some of the world's best craft beef jerky producers in the world, but I bet you didn't know most are small businesses producing flavorful products and living the American Dream. Find out why we thing they rule!

8 Weird Facts About Beef Jerky

Did you ever wonder the origin story of Beef Jerky or that there is a National Holiday dedicated to dehydrated meat? These weird facts and more are all covered in this post to help you uncover weird facts about Beef Jerky!

A Love Letter Jerks

If there is a jerk in your life, salute him or her with a gift to - it may just be the start of a new chapter in a potentially beautiful (and predictable) relationship...filled with premium jerky, at least.

Give the Gift of Beef Jerky

Are you someone who is a notoriously bad gift giver? Have you ever stood awkwardly in stores trying to think of what to get your friend or loved one for whichever of the many gift-giving holidays it is of the year?