Jerky Subscription

The No Jerky Dilemma

You lay there in a fetal position on the floor among a bed of empty beef jerky bags debating whether or not you should settle for gas station beef jerky, but those ones contain the nasty GMO’s and preservatives that make your body regret working so hard to sustain its own life.

Beef Jerky Alternate Endings

While it’s no doubt that people using a time machine would do more than just traveling back in time and giving people beef jerky to change the course of history, it does seem like one of the better ideas on paper.

The Beef Jerky Movie Reboot

With a good centerpiece for a story, a rebooted movie can actually be a lot better the original. Luckily, for any aspiring directors who are looking for movie reboot ideas, we have taken five famous movies and rebooted them to be centered around beef jerky.

Zombie Apocalypse Snack of Choice

Don’t be caught dead during a zombie apocalypse without a convenient bag of beef jerky handy for any undead situation. Whether it be distracting zombies with the dried flesh of cattle or using it to bargain with another living human, beef jerky can help you survive any situation.

Beef Jerky Saves The Day

Beef jerky is more than just a healthy snack to grab whenever hunger strikes, but it can also be used to save someone from awkward or difficult situations. Whether it be something as small as forgetting your wallet at home to getting pulled over by an officer of the law, beef jerky can save you from almost any everyday situation.

The Perfect Occasion to Give Jerky

When is the perfect gift giving occasion to give jerky? It’s a question as old as a time. Historical texts reference jerky as one of the most coveted gifts that could be bestowed upon the working class throughout the 14th and 15th centuries. When would they give it, and what can we learn from the history of jerky giving?