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The Best Beef Jerky Brands

Salutations fellow carnivores.    If you’ve ever done the research to find the world’s best beef jerky you’ll probably be scratching your head and grabbing a carrot from the refrigerator, as there 1000’s (thousands) of choices to weed through.

For example, Amazon has over 3,000 results for “beef jerky” that often include such lower end items as Slim Jim’s and Jack Link’s Meat Snacks.   If your goal is to broaden your carnivorous craving horizon, let me share with you a 5 (five) of the best beef jerky brands on the market and provide you with a little background on how you can score these tasty morsels on a monthly basis through a Beef Jerky Subscription.    

Biltong Beef Jerky

This beef jerky hails from South Africa and is dried slowly in air instead of heat, which results in a wicked mouth-watering flavor and new level of tenderness.   They like to say if prosciutto and beef jerky had a baby, that baby would be biltong! Starting with grass fed beef (the yummy kind) and avoiding the heat, this air dried beef jerky avoids corn syrups and all forms of sugar, making it the perfect healthy snack.    If you enjoy a more flavorful beef jerky that is full of flavor, Biltong is great slice of slow dried meat that you’ll enjoy time and time again. In addition to the great taste, it’s Whole30 approved, and Paleo and Keto friendly!

Think Jerky  

Think Jerky® is a craft jerky designed by real life Chef’s and features unique recipes by different celebrity chefs.   They use only restaurant quality ingredients found in some of the most sophisticated kitchens in the world. Another jerky that features 100% grass fed beef without any added hormones or antibiotics, Think Jerky® ingredients are NON-GMO, gluten free and of course paleo friendly.      Celebrity Beef Jerky Chefs, include Gale Gand (Michelin-Star Chef), Doug Sohn (restaurateur of the famed Hot Doug’s), Matt Troost (two-time BaconFest champion), and Laurent Gras (Three-star Michelin). If sinking your teeth into culinary deliciousness, you’ll enjoy Think Jerky®.

Savage Jerky Company

Jerky with ingredients that belong in a kitchen, not a lab is their slogan and Savage Jerky brings out the beast in any carnivorous eating mammal like yourself.   Originally started via Kickstarter, they set out to master the creation of beef jerky by fulfilling the ultimate goal of creating a natural, flavorful, spicy snack that didn’t contain ingredients that belong in a lab instead of a kitchen.   Their jerky is handcrafted with the best ingredients, unsullied by nitrates or preservatives. Made in small batches, they strive for high quality jerky that enjoyed around the world. Eat like a savage.

True Jerky

Fine meat, advernterous and healthy all top the descriptive words for True Jerky, which was founded in 2013 by three friends who were serious about making the world a healthier and happier place.   For the carnivorous, this means the ability to devour healthy protein snacks with a globally inspired ingredients that will fuel life’s adventures. Their beef is not over-processed mystery meat, but a cut from the butchers counter.    They use Eye of the Round because it is the leanest, most protein packed cut of steak available. Each serving has 3-5g more protein that leading competitors and is USDA-certified natural beef that would be fit for your dinner table.

Righteous Felon Jerky

Their product is pure. Their product is potent. Their product will blow your mind.   Specializing in the production and trafficking of high-potency beef jerky made with illegal combinations of unique, all-natural ingredients, Righteous Felon Jerky is the perfect fit for the rebellious carnivore.   Dry-aged for 21 days prior to jerkification, this ensures a criminal like absorption process of their delicious marinade. Featuring Roseda Beef, which is sourced from a Black Angues farm in northern Maryland, Righteous Felon Jerky is hand crafted and made in small batches to ensure freshness, quality, and consistency for the ultimate tasting experience.

At Jerky Subscription, we source only the best beef jerky possible, working with great vendors that know how to satisfy your carnivorous tasting pallet.  By grabbing a subscription, you can enjoy a monthly dose of hand selected craft jerky delivered to your location of choice and be able to experience new flavors, healthy snacks, and a unique experience from craft jerky makers around the world.   

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